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Client: Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project hired White Cube Media to introduce Orders, one of their major ad tech product offerings. They showcased their new animated video at many industry conferences. They were thrilled that we introduced their new product using a clear and concise story tied together with high quality, 100% custom graphics that adhere to their brand guidelines. This video features a city scene, skyscrapers and character animation to visualize their premium ad inventory offerings. Thanks to our video, they scored new major clients.


Client: Encarte.io

Encarte.io is a Chrome Extension that makes it easy to one click buy from multiple sites. They needed an explainer video that was just as easy to understand as their product. The final result was loved by the client and is proudly displayed on their homepage.


Client: Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project approached us with nothing but two very specific asks. We need an animated video which (1) takes place in a basketball stadium and (2) uses the voice of a former Broadway actor. Using these 2 criteria along with extensive research to learn about their products, FastLane and xAPI, we crafted a unique video that tells a fun and engaging story. We produced the video from start to finish: from script to storyboard, from voiceover to final animated video.

Complex Made Simple

Client: Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project wanted to show that their product is a simple solution, even in the complex world of Ad Tech. We created this video for them to use in their online media campaigns to capture the interest of brand advertisers. ] We crafted custom unique graphics to showcase their mobile and video ad products.

Do It Better

Client: Rubicon Project

A custom video that premieried in Adweek NYC 2016. Rubicon needed a short video to encapsulate their product's value prop and ease of use. They showed off the video during their AdWeek panel featuring the SVP of sales.


Client: Triplelift

TripleLift needed an explainer video to describe their native programmatic ad platform, so they hired White Cube Media to craft their video story. We partnered with the director of product marketing and sales team to find out every detail of the product platform. Because we invested so much time learning about the product from the ground-up, we were able to craft a compelling script, storyboard, and a stellar video that our client was proud to show off.

A.Y International Explainer

Client: A.Y International

A.Y International is a liquidator of food and beverages. They needed an explainer video to explain what they do. While this was a new area for us, we worked with them to understand their business, their needs and create a video in less than 2 weeks which they were very pleased with.

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