It's time to inspire your
users with an engaging
product video.

You've worked hard to launch your product
and now you need a professional video to show
the world
-- leave that to us.

We're a NYC based agency built up by two skilled Ex-Googlers. We specialize in animated explainer videos and also provide graphic design, motion graphics, copywriting and editing services.

We're here because we believe that behind every business is an inspiring story, and our job is to uncover it. We take time to learn the 'why' behind your business so that it shines through beautifully in our animated videos.


Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project's Orders unites buyers and sellers in one simple platform to automate all of their digital advertising needs.

Fastlane and xAPI

Introducing two new solutions for reaching audiences at scale: Fastlane and xAPI from Rubicon Project



We're big on building stories and we believe every company has one.

Whether you're showing a product demo, an explainer video, or promoting your brand, we'll build something creative that respects your brand guidelines.

The first week is dedicated to knowing everything about you and this project, after which we'll craft a storyboard with an idea for your animation.

Once the storyboard has been approved, we'll start creating the assets and script.

We'll share them both with you along with our samples of our voice talent. Once approved, we'll start creating the video. We'll keep you in the loop to make sure everything is to your liking.

We work long days and late hours to make sure your video comes out amazing.

We'll give you a peep into how the video is coming out 1 week after creation starts.

At the end we'll hand over the project in whatever video format you need.

You're happy, we're happy and we can't wait for you to show your customers how awesome your brand is with a beautiful new motion graphics video. Congrats!

Let's Chat.